It’s Official

The Electoral College–that antiquated little bit of Americana–met and cast their votes today, ratifying the results of November’s election. As expected, Barack Obama received 365 electoral votes while John McCain received 173.

Watch as the joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives give the results a standing ovation:

Of course Dick Cheney–who had to record and count all the votes–probably wasn’t having a very good time, considering the outcome of the vote.



A headline from US News & World Report:

Chambliss’s Win in Georgia Shows Obama’s Diminishing Coattails

Um, what?

In November–when Barack Obama was on the ballot–Democrat Jim Martin won 46% of the vote and Republican Saxby Chambliss got 49%.

In December–when Obama wasn’t on the ballot–Martin won 43% and Chambliss got 57%.

So what was that about coattails, again?

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The Sarah Palin Chronicles

The Sarah Palin chronicles just won’t end:

RNC to report another $30,000 spent on Palin wardrobe


“The Republican National Committee is scheduled to file a campaign report with the Federal Election Commission Thursday disclosing that the committee spent additional funds to clothe and accessorize vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin,” the National Journal reported late Wednesday.

“In October, Politico revealed that the RNC had spent approximately $150,000 on clothing and accessories for Palin and her family after she was selected as Sen. John McCain’s running mate,” the magazine added. “The story provoked a storm of criticism of the Alaska governor, a mother of five and favorite of the conservative wing of the GOP.”


In early September, the RNC’s clothing buys for Palin included bills from Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York for $49,425.74, and shopping trips to Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis, including one totaling $75,062.63 in September.

The RNC also spent $4,716.49 on hair and makeup through September
, Politico reported.

[Emphasis mine]

First, in a time of economic crisis, how could Palin and the GOP be so out-of-touch that they saw no problem spending $180,000 on clothing, jewelry and makeup for their Vice Presidential candidate?

And second, $180,000 is a huge amount of money.  Had that money been invested elsewhere, it could have helped the GOP keep a Senate seat or hold one or two House seats.  Considering that the McCain-Palin campaign was being vastly outspent by the Obama-Biden campaign, it’s unimaginable that they would waste their donor’s money like this.

This is a perfect example why Sarah Palin and the GOP can’t be trusted with the reins of government–if they run a political campiagn into the ground by wasting money on frivolous nonsense, what would they do if given the entire Treastury Department?

Election Results Update


That’s the final electoral map–Barack Obama succeeded in winning one of Nebraska’s electoral votes, bringing the final electoral count to 365 Obama to 173 McCain.

Georgia’s runoff is still on, and they’re counting tens of thousands of outstanding ballots in Alaska.  In Minnesota, Al Franken is now down by only 221 votes; you can keep track of the counting and recounting at

In MD-01, Republican incumbent Congressman Wayne Gilchrest was defeated in the primary by far-right Club for Growth candidate Andy Harris; today, the race was called in favor of Harris’ Democratic opponent, Frank Kratovil.

In VA-05, odious right-wing Congressman Virgil Goode was narrowly defeated by challenger Tom Perriello.  In WA-08, Dave Reichert was re-elected by a slim margin over Democratic challenger Darcy Burner.

As it stands, Democrats control 57 Senate seats and 255 House seats with a handful of races still outstanding.


The first polls close in IN and KY in a little less than a half hour. I don’t expect much to be called that early, but that will give us a first taste of how things will turn out.

I’ll bring them to you as they come.

UPDATE: No serious reporting yet– 1% in IN and 0% in KY. Plus, no network will call it until the rest of the state finished voting in about a half hour.

UPDATE II: With 3% reporting, McCain is leading in IN 50% to 49%. In KY, 9% is reporting and McCain is leading 51% to 48%.

UPDATE III: The networks are calls KY for McCain and Vermont for Obama. They have also called VA-SEN for Mark Warner. The Democrats now have 52 seats in the Senate.

UPDATE IV: The KY-SEN race is exactly tied, 50%-50%. And with 1% reporting, McCain leads in VA 55% to 44%.

UPDATE V: FOX is calling WV for Obama; count one long-shot out. In VA, 3% is reporting and McCain leads 54% to 46%. In IN, with 14% reporting, McCain leads 52% to 47%. In FL, with 2% reporting, Obama leads 55% to 37%.

UPDATE VI: The nets are calling SC for McCain; that’s 3 EV for Obama and 16 EV for McCain so far. IN, VA, Fl and OH are all too close to call.

UPDATE VII: ME, NH, MA, CT, NJ, DE, MD, DC and IL have been called for Obama; TN, OK have been called for McCain. Right now it’s 77 EV for Obama and 34 EV for McCain.

UPDATE VIII: They are calling Jeanne Shaheen in NH and Kay Hagan in NC; that gives the Democrats 54 Senate seats.

UPDATE IX: McCain wins GA and AL; it’s now 103 Obama to 58 McCain

UPDATE X: Obama wins MI, WI, NY, RI and MN; McCain wins WY and ND. It’s now 174 EV for Obama to 49 EV for McCain

UPDATE XI: They are calling NM-SEN for Tom Udall; that is 55 Democrats in the Senate.

UPDATE XII: They are calling WY, NE and AR for McCain; it’s now 175 Obama to 76 McCain

UPDATE XIII: FOX and MSNBC are calling Ohio for Obama; now it’s 195 to 76, Obama leads.

UPDATE XIV: They are calling NM for Obama and Louisiana for McCain; it is now 200 Obama, 85 McCain

UPDATE XV: They are calling IA for Obama, TX, UT, for McCain. It’s now 199 Obama, 112 McCain.

UPDATE XVI: Chris Shays concedes; there are no more Republican Congressmen left in New England.

UPDATE XVII: SD has rejected an abortion ban and CO has rejected defining fertilization as the start of life. Waiting for more states to be called.

UPDATE XVIII: Contrary to the desires of right-wing bloggers, PA’s John Murtha has been re-elected.

UPDATE XIX: SD goes for McCain. It’s now 207 Obama to 138 McCain. Marijuana decriminalization has passed in MA, as has the decriminalization of medial marijuana in MI.

UPDATE XX: FOX and NPR called VA for Obama. It’s now 220 EV Obama vs. 135 EV McCain

It Ends Tonight

After nearly two years, the 2008 presidential election ends tonight.

And even though George W. Bush will still be President until January 20th, tonight will be the symbolic end of the worst Presidential administration in American history.

Tonight will be the end of the 28-year-long dominance of the conservative coalition and the creation of both a new progressive coalition and a progressive governing mandate.

…but none of that will happen if you don’t get out there and vote. So find your polling place, bring a bottle of water and a snack (and maybe an umbrella), stand in line and cast your vote. And just remember that, after two long years (and six long years before that), it ends tonight.