The Latest Right-Wing Smear

Right-wing blogs are abuzz over an Italian Vanity Fair story (since when do conservatives care what the European press says?) about George Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, who Vanity Fair reports lives in poverty in Kenya.

Now the Texas GOP has jumped into the fray, asking why Obama isn’t taking care of his half-brother.

Well, maybe because that story about George Obama’s poverty is a lie:

Barack Obama Sr. died in a car accident when George was just 6 months old. And like his half-brother, George hardly knew his father. George was his father’s last child and had not been aware of his famous half-brother.


Unlike his grandmother in Kogela, in Western Kenya, George Obama had received little attention from the media.

But reports surfaced in the past few days, springing from an Italian Vanity Fair article saying George Obama is living in a shack and “earning less than a dollar a day.”

The reports left him angry.

“I was brought up well. I live well even now,” he said. “The magazines, they have exaggerated everything.

“I think I kind of like it here. There are some challenges, but maybe it is just like where you come from, there are the same challenges,” Obama said.


At least one of his neighbors feels that perhaps the candidate should help the brother.


But George Obama will have none of it. He draws inspiration from his famous half-brother. He acknowledges that he is biased but said he knows that his half-brother will be the next president.

[Emphasis added]

It seems George Obama is doing just fine–he’s self-sufficient and he’s pulling himself up by the bootstraps, qualities the right wing used to believe in.

A few weeks ago, fake new outlet The Onion had a story entitled “Obama’s Hillbilly Half-Brother Threatening To Derail Campaign”  It’s a bit funny–and more than a bit sad–to watch the Right-Wing Noise Machine collapse into a parody of itself.