Scott Brown, The Right’s Falling Star?

A day after the Massachusetts special election, I wrote:

[W]hile Scott Brown may be the GOP’s golden boy of the moment, keep in mind that he’s up for re-election come 2012. In Massachusetts.

So, unless Brown is content being a partial-term Senator, I highly doubt he’s going to remain a right-wing darling for long.

In fact, Brown could end up being the Dems go-to guy when it comes to peeling off GOP votes in order to beat a filibuster.

And here’s what happened this morning:

In his third vote as a Senator, Brown vote against Republicans, helping break a filibuster on a jobs promotion bill crafted by Democrats.

Now, I’m sure a lot of conservatives are telling themselves this morning that Sen. Brown is still better than Sen. Coakley would have been.

But there’s a huge gap between the raucous support Brown received since the election and a begrudging “at least he’s not a Democrat.”

I imagine that, with a few more votes like these (necessary if Brown wants to be more than a partial-term Senator) his popularity on the right will end up being a mere shadow of what it once was.