GOP To Filibuster Jobs Bill?

Even though unemployment dropped to 9.7% last month, the economy is still suffering.

We need to do more to put Americans back to work, which is why President Obama is urging Congress to pass a jobs bill full of tax breaks for small businesses and other incentives for job creation.

But now there are reports that the GOP may–surprise surprise–filibuster the President’s proposal. Even though millions of Americans are out of work, the GOP wants to stay true to their obstructionist roots to block the creation of millions of new jobs.

My message to Democrats: if the GOP wants to filibuster the jobs bill, let them.

Look, there’s no sense in going to the negotiating table–the GOP will never, ever support a Democratic policy, particularly a policy designed to help millions of Americans. They want to deny President Obama and the Democrats anything even approaching a political victory and they will throw the American people under the bus to do it.

Try to negotiate, Democrats, and you will spend months making concession after concession–and, in the end, you still won’t get any Republican votes. And, by then, the jobs bill will be unpopular simply because the process dragged on for so long–just look at health care reform.

Democrats should just put together the jobs bill they want, and when the GOP tries to filibuster it, let them. And if they succeed, then Democrats should hit them–hard–for killing millions of new American jobs.

Then Democrats should re-introduce the same exact bill and let the GOP filibuster again. And then they should hit the Republicans, again, for killing millions of new American jobs.

And keep doing that, for as long as it takes. Propose the jobs bill, let the GOP filibuster it and then hit the GOP for that filibuster, because it’s time the Republicans started paying a political price for their obstructionism.

Like President Obama said during his State of the Union, if the GOP is going to filibuster everything than they need to take some responsibility for governing this country. If the GOP blocks the jobs bill then they should get the blame for keeping millions of Americans out of work. Democrats should shame them into passing it.

The GOP is playing hardball. It’s about time Democrats started playing hardball, too–especially since Democrats are on the side of the American people, here, and the GOP is out for nothing more than political power.