MA-SEN: Scott Brown Thinks Banks Deserve Your Money (UPDATED)

Hey, remember this?:

As resurgent Wall Street banks prepare to hand out billions of dollars in bonuses — their first since returning federal bailout funds — the payments are drawing intense scrutiny from regulators and politicians.


Just a year after receiving billions of dollars in taxpayer assistance, banks are expected to pay bonuses for 2009 that will rank among the largest in Wall Street history.

So Wall Street banks are paying their executives–the same executives who allowed the financial collapse to happen–huge bonuses with, essentially, taxpayer dollars.

And you know what? GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown is fine with that. He thinks those banks should be allowed to keep your money:

With the race for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat nearing a nail-biting conclusion, Democrats claim they gained a major boost Thursday night after Republican Scott Brown said he opposes a proposed tax on big banks that is designed to regain TARP funds and curb compensation practices.


A strategist working on the race emailed the Huffington Post with the following synopsis:

This is significant marker… this is Brown giving up the populist ground that was fueling his campaign. It also undermines his central argument that he’s not a lockstep Republican who will put Wall Street ahead of middle class families.

Surprise surprise–a Republican thinks big banks are entitled to hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars so they can pay their executives massive bonuses.

Meanwhile, Brown’s opponent, Attorney General Martha Coakley, supports President Obama’s plan to recoup TARP funds from major Wall Street banks.

Coakley’s campaign just released this statement:

This is a defining difference between us that every voter should consider before Tuesday. I choose to stand with the middle class taxpayers who deserve to get their money back from the big banks that caused the economic crisis and are now lavishing bonuses on failed executives. Scott Brown is standing with Wall Street CEOs.

As Attorney General, I’ve stood up to Wall Street and recovered millions of dollars back for taxpayers. If you elect me as Senator, I’ll continue to fight for you.

[All emphasis mine]

UPDATE: Surprise again: Michael Steele agrees!

Scott Brown and Michael Steele, birds of a feather. Is that who you want representing you, Massachusetts?