Americans Confident In Obama’s Handling Of Terrorism

Despite all the right wing’s predictable histrionics over the foiled Christmas plane bombing, President Obama continues to poll strongly on terrorism and national security:

As you know, a man has been charged with attempting to use an explosive device on Christmas Day to blow up a plane that was flying to Detroit. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama has responded to that incident?

Approve 57%
Disapprove 39%
No opinion 4%


How much confidence do you have in the Obama administration to protect U.S. citizens from future acts of terrorism — a great deal, a moderate amount, not much or none at all?

A great deal 24%
A moderate amount 41%

Not much 19%
None at all 16%

[Emphasis mine]

So, once again conservatives are completely out of touch with reality.

Man, I’m bursting all sorts of crazy right-wing bubbles today.