Pete Hoekstra: Money First, National Security Second

Let’s say you’re a United States Representative. You sit on the House Intelligence Committee and are running for Governor of your state in 2010.

On Christmas Day, an attempted terrorist attack aboard an airplane is thwarted. What’s the first thing you do?

Do you call for an investigation into what security failures occurred?

Do you call for increased funding for transportation security programs?

Do you call for greater screenings of incoming airline passengers or other higher security standards?

Do you excoriate your Senate colleague, Jim DeMint, for blocking President Obama’s nominee to head the TSA for purely political reasons?

Well, if you’re Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R), the first thing you do in response to a thwarted terrorist attack is send out a fundraising email.

He’s asking for your money so that, next time there’s a terrorist attack, he can…ask you for more money, I guess, since he’s not doing anything  to combat terrorism.

Republicans have some pretty twisted priorities these days–Jim DeMint is blocking President Obama’s appointee to head the TSA because he hates labor unions and Pete Hoekstra puts fattening his campaign coffers ahead of combating terrorism.

And these guys want us to make them the majority again? Are they kidding?


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  1. tt · January 2, 2010

    Well. I agree. However, you could gain some credibility by starting off with: The Dems already are in that mode as the majority. To act as though placing the GP in control again would create this problem is a little misleading. These republicans are doing exactly what he majority dems are currently doing. They both are wrong and why not just attack both parties for douing it.

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