GOP, Lobbyists Team Up To Kill Financial Reform (UPDATED)

From The Hill:

In a call to arms, House Republican leaders met with more than 100 lobbyists at the Capitol Visitors Center on Tuesday afternoon to try to fight back against financial regulatory overhaul legislation.

Republican lawmakers met with a massive team of lobbyists in order to block financial regulatory reform designed to prevent another major economic collapse.

In other words, the GOP is working hard to help Wall Street once again beat out Main Street, leaving us all at the mercy of a bloated, unaccountable financial sector.

They just can’t help but side with big business–that’s business as usual for the GOP. And they want us to trust them with the majority again come 2010? Wasn’t one financial collapse enough?

UPDATE: Ugh. Apparently conservative, bank-friendly Democrats are also trying to kick this bill down the road.

The Democratic Party is preferable to the Republican Party, but this reminds us that sometimes Democrats can be just as bad as Republicans.