This Should End Mike Huckabee’s Career

Mike Huckabee has a pardon problem. And, in a just world, it would prevent him from ever holding public office ever again.

As I previously posted:

The Seattle Times reports that the man suspected of shooting four police officers in Washington State was granted clemency in Arkansas nine years ago by then-Governor Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee had reportedly pardoned the suspected shooter, Maurice Clemmons, because he was just 17 when his original crimes were committed. (Clemmons was still on parole, and should apparently have been sent back to jail in Arkansas more recently.) But it’s a tragic, and politically damaging story of the kind that, with the name Willie Horton attached, helped derail Mike Dukakis’s bid for the White House.

And the story also recalls another act of clemency gone awry: Huckabee advocated for parole for a convicted rapist who — his allies said — had been railroaded by Huckabee predecessor Bill Clinton. The rapist, Wayne DuMond, was released; he raped and murdered another woman.

Well, it turns out that the truth here is much, much worse than it seems.

An Arkansas prosecutor by the name of Robert Herzfeld had repeatedly raised objections to the Huckabee administration’s clemency policy.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter he had sent Governor Huckabee’s office outlining some of his concerns:

[I]f you have a case which merits clemency, I requested that you contact me with the reasons you believe clemency is appropriate for persons incarcerated and allow me to research the facts and then determine whether I would withdraw my objection.


Finally, I believe your administration’s policy of granting clemency is fatally flawed. You would be wise to take the time to re-evaluate your procedures. I suggest an approach that is more public, and that you announce specific reasons for granting clemency at the time you announce your intent.

You can read the whole letter here.

And here’s the response–in full–from Huckabee’s office:

You can see the whole letter here.

Four police officers are dead and an innocent woman was raped and murdered, all because of Mike Huckabee’s clemency policy. And when a prosecutor raised red flags about that policy and urged him to change it, Huckabee laughed in his face and told him to “cut down on your caffeine consumption.”

This revelation should, without question, end Mike Huckabee’s political career. Nobody can show that much poor judgment, can engage in such an egregious dereliction of duty, and ever hope to hold the public’s trust again.


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  1. FredUp · December 4, 2009

    In the ever-more disconnected from reality world of the wingers,this will all be viewed as some kind of Liberal plot.

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