Attention Media: Sarah Palin Isn’t Popular (UPDATED)

According to CBS:

Just 23 percent of those surveyed in a new CBS News poll have a favorable view of the former Alaska governor. That matches her favorable rating in July, when Palin announced she was resigning from her job as governor.

Thirty-eight percent, meanwhile, have an unfavorable view of Palin — also roughly matching her July rating. Another 37 percent say they are undecided or haven’t heard enough, despite the spotlight on Palin in recent days tied to the imminent publication of her memoir, “Going Rogue.”


Among independents, Palin has a net negative rating, with 21 percent viewing her favorably and 36 percent viewing her unfavorably.

[Emphasis mine]

Even if you go by Pollster’s aggregate, which is slightly more favorable to Palin, it still means that only about a third of the country sees her favorably.

That’s downright abysmal for a well-known national politician.  For comparison, President Obama’s favorable rating is 55% , his unfavorable is 38%. Secretary of State Clinton is at 59% to 36%. Heck, even Mike Huckabee clocks in at 39% to 28%.

Look, the so-called Palin phenomenon is very easy to explain–she’s extraordinarily well-liked by a very small group of people. Yes, she can get a lot of those people to turn out, but in the end she’s still only pulling from somewhere between 1/3rd to 1/4th of the population.

Just something to keep in mind when discussing America’s favorite quitbull with lipstick.

UPDATE: And be sure not to do what this article does–conflate favorability with job approval. There’s a huge difference between liking someone and liking the job they’re doing; the two metrics really aren’t interchangeable.