Profile In Courage: Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO)

Freshman Senator Michael Bennett says he’s willing to lose his seat if it means passing health care reform:

Honestly, it’s shocking how often people claim that some Democrats just can’t support reform because then they might lose re-election.

That’s the justification a lot of conservative Democrats are giving for opposing health care reform, and everyone accepts it. But why? Why is a politician losing their seat considered to be the most unacceptable outcome here?

Just how cowardly are some of these politicians that they would rather keep our broken health care system–a system that results in at least 45,000 unnecessary deaths a year–in order to keep their jobs? Health care reform is, without hyperbole, an issue of life or death–people are dying because of our broken health care system.

And yet, reform is teetering on the brink because some conservadems can’t stand the thought of losing their seats–as if any of them would struggle to make ends meet in the private sector.

That’s why people like Sen. Bennett are worthy of praise–they’re willing to do what’s best for the American people, even if it costs them their job. Real health care reform is worth losing a handful of seats; I only wish there were more politicians willing to put the American people ahead of their own careers.