Supporting The Troops

This morning, President Barack Obama traveled to Dover Air Force Base to personally welcome home and honor some of our fallen soldiers:

Obama Fallen Soldiers

Remember that image. Keep it in mind whenever anyone on the right accuses Obama of being anti-American or hating the troops or putting soldiers’ lives in danger by ‘dithering.’

And then remember that George W. Bush—the President we’re not supposed to talk about—never did this. Despite sending several thousand young men and women to their deaths, Bush never bothered to welcome them home in person or attend a single military funeral.

President Obama is on the verge of making a decision on Afghanistan that could result in more of those flag-draped coffins coming home. He should be thinking long and hard about whether or not that’s a price America should pay.

Take a look at that picture again. That‘s being tough. That‘s being Presidential: personally facing the potential consequences of your actions.

Just something to keep in mind…