Rep. Grayson Was Right (UPDATED)

The right-wing outrage machine is up! in! arms! again, this time because Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson (FL) had the temerity to point out that the GOP’s plan for health care reform is, basically, ‘drop dead.’

For Republicans in Congress, who benefit from taxpayer-funded health care (or, as they would call it, “socialized medicine”), the fight over health care reform might seem like a game. But remember, 45,000 Americans die each year because they lack adequate health care; lives are literally on the line here.

The GOP told us from the start that they were going to kill health care reform for no other reason than to deny President Obama and the Democrats a political victory.

And not only are they working overtime to kill Democratic health care reform, but they’ve put forward no real reform plan of their own. Sure, they have hollow messaging points and a whopping 4-page outline, but in the end the GOP is perfectly content with the status quo–a status quo which causes 45,000 unnecessary deaths a year.

The GOP’s health care plan is death. The status quo kills people and the GOP likes the status quo; there’s really no other conclusion you can come to.

But now the right-wing perpetual outrage machine is crying crocodile tears over Rep. Grayson’s remarks. Who knew conservatives were so sensitive and thin-skinned?

And weren’t these same conservatives just running around and screaming–falsely–that the Democratic health care reform plan would result in government bureaucrats pulling the plug on sick people?

So the GOP can lob ridiculous lies but they can’t stand to hear the truth about the consequences of their health care obstructionism?

Maybe John Boehner will take to the floor of the House and cry some crocodile tears over this. Personally, I’d like to know his thoughts on Kimberly Young, the 22-year old woman (and Boehner constituent) who died because she got sick and couldn’t afford to see a doctor. I think Boehner and his Republican brethren should be crying about her–and the 45,000 people like her–instead of weeping over their bruised egos.

This nonsense is exactly why health care reform is failing–the Republicans are completely unserious, yet some Democrats feel the need to bend over backwards to appease them.  Alan Grayson was absolutely right; he should continue speaking the truth and forcing the Republicans to face the deadly consequences of their obstructionism.

UPDATE: This is hilarious–now Republicans are trying officially condemn Rep. Grayson, just like Rep. Joe Wilson got condemned for calling the President a liar.

Nice try, but remember that Joe Wilson broke House rules; Alan Grayson didn’t. Breaking the rules is worth condemnation; being mean to your political opponents in the course of telling the truth isn’t.

And isn’t it funny how, during the Joe Wilson controversy, Republicans kept telling us that Congress had much more important things to focus on than enforcing its own rules? And yet, when a Democratic member of Congress hurts the GOP’s feelings–without actually breaking any rules–the right suddenly has no problem debating punishment resolutions.

The health care debate is really exposing much of the GOP as being both morally and intellectually bankrupt. I guess it really isn’t your father’s Republican Party anymore, huh?