Obama Overexposed?

Survey says…nope:

NBC/WSJ poll: Is Obama overexposed?


According to a new NBC/WSJ poll, the answer is mostly no — although it depends on whether you’re a Democrat or Republican.

In the poll, 34% say they see and hear Obama too much, 9% say they see/hear him too little, and 54% say it’s the right amount.

Here’s the most important part:

Among independents, 52% say Obama’s exposure is the right amount, versus 40% who say it’s too much.


Among McCain voters, however, 63% say they’re seeing too much of the president. That’s compared with only 8% of Obama voters who say that.

In other words, neither Democrats nor Independents think Obama is overexposed–only Republicans do.

And yet, whenever Obama gives a major speech the media starts asking if he’s overexposed. Isn’t it funny how right-wing talking points so quickly come to dominate the news cycle, even though the vast majority of the country feels differently. I guess that’s just the liberal media at work.

But, no, Obama is not overexposed. In fact, it’s vital to democracy for the people to know exactly what their elected officials are up to.

George Bush hid away from the press and the public, planning and plotting in secret–Obama, on the other hand, is right out there in the open, which is exactly where the American people want to see him.