Meet Kimberly Young (UPDATED)

Kim Young

This is the tragic story of Kimberly Young, a sad casualty of our health care crisis:

A 22-year-old woman from Oxford, Ohio, died from swine flu on Wednesday…Reports now indicate that after initially getting sick, Young put off treatment because she was uninsured:

Young became ill about two weeks ago, but didn’t seek care initially because she didn’t have health insurance and was worried about the cost, according to Brent Mowery, her friend and former roommate.


On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Young’s condition suddenly worsened and her roommate drove her to McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital in Oxford, where she was flown in critical condition to University Hospital in Cincinnati.

That’s the most tragic part about it. If she had insurance, she would have gone to the doctor,” Mowery said.

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18 Hours (UPDATED)

18 hours is how long it will take President Obama to fly to Copenhagen, convince the International Olympic Committee to allow the United States to host the 2016 Olympics and fly back to Washington.

The New York Times breaks it down:

Obama would need to carve out about 18 hours for the trip. Nonstop flights between Washington and Copenhagen take about eight hours each way. Travel time between the Copenhagen airport and downtown is about 20 minutes. Obama would need about an hour to schmooze with I.O.C. members — or speak during Chicago’s presentation. (Each bid city has 70 minutes to make its case.)

Despite the incredibly short duration of this trip, conservatives are (as always) up! in! arms! that President Obama is doing this.

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Obama Overexposed?

Survey says…nope:

NBC/WSJ poll: Is Obama overexposed?


According to a new NBC/WSJ poll, the answer is mostly no — although it depends on whether you’re a Democrat or Republican.

In the poll, 34% say they see and hear Obama too much, 9% say they see/hear him too little, and 54% say it’s the right amount.

Here’s the most important part:

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The Tide Is Turning On Health Care Reform

It looks like momentum is back on the side of health care reform.

First, opposition to the public option among Blue Dog Democrats is fading:

Blocking a public health insurance option is a relatively low priority for conservative Blue Dog Democrats, according to an ongoing survey of its members. The fading House opposition could clear the way for the public option to move through the chamber.

The Blue Dogs have been surveying their membership over the last several days; coalition co-chair Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-S.D.) has been collecting the responses. She listed the four top priorities that have emerged: Keeping the cost under $900 billion, not moving at a faster pace than the Senate, getting a 20-year cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office and addressing regional disparities in Medicare reimbursement rates.

[Emphasis mine]

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Let’s talk about the latest source of disingenuous, manufactured right-wing outrage– ‘czars.’

I have a number of thoughts about the practice of appointing ‘czars,’ as well as theright-wing nontroversy suddenly surrounding them:

There is no such thing as a ‘czar’

I know, I know, it seems like a ridiculous thing to say in a post about ‘czars,’ but bear with me here.

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I am formally issuing a correction.

I have repeatedly cited a study by the Urban League which states that 22,000 Americans die each year due to a lack of adequate health care.

This morning, I’m admitting I was wrong; that figure isn’t accurate. 22,000 Americans don’t die each year because they lack adequate health care.

45,000 do:

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