LA-SEN: Melancon Will Challenge Vitter


Democratic Congressman Charlie Melancon (LA-03) has announced that he will run against hooker-loving Republican Senator David Vitter in 2010.

Melancon may have been inspired to run by a spate of recent polls showing that he would pose a formidable threat to the scandal-plagued Republican incumbent:

Two polls showed Melancon within striking distance earlier in the year; an R2K/DailyKos poll had Melancon trailing Vitter by only 48-41, while PPP pegged the race at 44-32.

It’s heartening that Melancon is already so close to Vitter despite Vitter’s significant advantage in name recognition. Still, we’re a year and a half out from the 2010 election–it’s impossible to say where this race will go in the coming months.

Of course, if Vitter had any honor at all he wouldn’t even be a Senator, let alone run for reelection. It takes an enormous amount of chutzpah for a family-values Republican to run for reelection despite his taste for hookers; like former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, Vitter should have immediately resigned after his predilection for, shall we say, paid companionship was exposed.

So let’s hope Melancon can make this a formidable race, particularly since we’re likely to lose his House seat as a result of this challenge.