The Angry Right

Let’s take a step back from the debate over health care reform.

Take a look at the unhinged hate and vitriol coming from the right-wing anti-reformers.  It’s all so utterly disproportionate to what the White House is trying to accomplish–you’d think that Obama was launching an expensive, unnecessary war that ended up costing thousands of American lives.

Or that he was using the fear terrorism to railroad constitution-stomping legislation through Congress.

Or that he was running an illegal surveillance program to spy on American citizens within the United States.

Or that he authorized the use of torture against prisoners of war.

Or that he went on vacation while a natural disaster destroyed a major American city.

When all of those actual atrocities were going on, the right had nothing to say.  But now that we’re trying to reform health care–to help treat the sick, for the love of God–now they’re up in arms?

I mean, just take a look:





Swastikas, Hitler comparisons, devil horns, guns, and for what? To oppose health care reform. To oppose improving everyone’s health care and extending care to those who don’t have it.

Look, it’s clear that this anger has little to do with health care. Sure, the protesters are right-wing activists being fed misinformation by conservative groups funded by the health industrial complex.  But the reason they swallow such misinformation wholeheartedly is because they just can’t accept a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President. They just can’t accept that, as Digby put it, they have to share this country with people other than themselves.

So they swallow the nonsense the right feeds them because it gives them a pretext to attack Obama. They don’t care what is or isn’t in the health care bill; they don’t even care about the health care crisis or the suffering of the uninsured, they just want excuses to attack the President.

And that is exactly why Democrats need to ignore the mobs and just pass health care reform. The astroturfers can’t be persuaded–they won’t vote for Democrats no matter what. There is no use trying to placate them; the fact that you have a (D) next to your name is enough justification for them to oppose you and everything you do at all costs. There is just no sense in trying to negotiate with the mob, and the sooner Democrats absorb that lesson, the better.