Confirm her because she deserves it.

by EmmaGold

Judge Sonia Sotomayor is, in all likelihood, going to be confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice this week.

Republicans are announcing their support, including one member of the GOP leadership. The NRA has come out against her, but no one really cares.

And yet, all of the confirmation talk has been about side issues. They talk about whether her confirmation will affect Hispanic votes. They harp on her “wise Latina” comment. They focus on one case – Ricci vs. DeStefano – to the exclusion of the hundreds of cases she’s seen in her 17 years as a federal judge.

Seriously, Senators (and members of the press). Listen to the New York Times:

…she clearly belongs on the court. Judge Sotomayor’s distinguished career includes service on federal district and appeals courts, private law practice and prosecutorial experience. At the hearings, she showed an impressive command of the law… There is no need for political calculations. Senators should support her because she is eminently qualified.