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There is a lack of honesty in the health care debate. In particular, with the coverage of the Blue Dogs and other conservative Democrats who are trying to stymie health care reform.

Most Blue Dogs/conservative Democrats come from competitive districts, meaning that every two years they need enough money to mount strong campaigns.

That’s where the insurance industry and the rest of the health industrial complex step in–they’re more than happy to provide those members with the funds they need.  Of course, such funds have strings attached–explicit or implicit–that cause those members to do such things as block health care reform.

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It’s unfortunate, but that’s politics–candidates need money and those who donate it expect something in return (at least, until we have publicly-funded elections).

The problem is this that the Blue Dogs are not fiscally conservative or fiscally responsible.  Sure, that’s how they sell themselves, and I’m sure quite a number of them actually believe it.  But, as I’ve brought up before, how many of them voted for the $2-$3 trillion Iraq War? How many of them voted for Bush’s $1.35 trillion tax cut for the wealthy?

The Blue Dogs aren’t fiscally responsible, they’re pro-wealth corporatists–they do what’s good for the wealthy and big corporations. The problem is that nobody brings that fact up when discussing their opposition to health care reform or other similar initiatives.  They act as if, since the Blue Dogs are self-styled fiscal conservatives, that anything they support is also fiscally conservative and that anything they oppose isn’t.

The Blue Dogs are out to protect their corporate benefactors, not to save our tax dollars or to preserve the budget.  So let’s stop pretending that they’re doing what’s best for the country–they’re not, passing health care reform is what’s best for our country–and let’s just be honest for once.


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  1. I’m glad they are slowing the debate. There’s no rush on this…better to get it right than just pass something that will be a monumental failure. And Obama and the Pelosicrats have taken plenty of health industry and drug company money, so I don’t know where you’re trying to go with your argument.

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