They Just Can’t Help Themselves

Republicans just can’t help themselves–they can’t help but make the debate over health care reform all about politics instead of policy.

First, there was SC Sen. Jim DeMint:

On a [recent] conference call with conservative activists dealing with health care reform, in what is sure to become a rallying point for the White House, Sen. Jim DeMint said “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.”

And thenthere was OH Sen. George Voinovich:

Looking to score political points against President Obama makes up at least half the motivation for some Republicans’ opposition to healthcare reform, one Republican senator said Wednesday.

I think it’s probably 50/50,” Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) told CNBC in an interview when asked how much of the GOP’s opposition to healthcare reform proposals backed by Obama is driven by a desire to “declaw” the president politically.

And OK Sen. Jim Inhofe:

And so we have all the issues on our side on this thing, and I think, you know, I just hope the President keeps talking about it, keeps trying to rush it through. We can stall it. And that’s going to be a huge gain for those of us who want to turn this thing over in the 2010 election.

And now MN Rep. Michele Bachmann:

This is radicalization of America like we have never seen before in the history of our country. But don’t lose heart. Because the polling data is showing — Rasmussen for instance — polling data is showing that President Obama’s numbers are dropping like a rock. As a matter of fact, his polling data now says that President Obama is a mere mortal. (Laughter) And so we can take heart. That is absolutely true.

Of course, I get politicking is all they have–the GOP’s health care reform plan is all of 4 pages long:

House Republicans presented a four-page outline of their health care reform plan Wednesday but said they didn’t know yet how much it would cost, how they would pay for it and how many of the nearly 50 million Americans without insurance would be covered by it.

Plus, MO Rep. Roy Blunt has said that the GOP has no intention of producing an actual health care reform plan:

Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said, “Our bill is never going to get to the floor, so why confuse the focus? We clearly have principles; we could have language, but why start diverting attention from this really bad piece of work they’ve got to whatever we’re offering right now?”

The Party of No Ideas doesn’t have the slightest clue  how to reform health care; all they have are political games.  Sure, they’ll keep sniping at the Democratic proposal, but at least the Democrats have a proposal; at least they have a plan that will reform our broken health care system and offer nearly-universal coverage.

22,000 Americans die each year because of inadequate health care coverage. I say it’s time we started lowering that number, which means we have to start implementing policies instead of just playing politics.  The GOP might be okay with 22,000 preventable deaths annually, but I’m not, and nobody else should be, either.


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