GOP Health Care Plan Revealed!

The GOP has finally revealed their plan to resolve the health care crisis. In fact, RNC Chair Michael Steele has been campaigning on it for years:

In November of [2006], The Washington Post reported on Steele’s opposition to universal health care this way:

Steele’s position reflects his experience as a self-employed consultant who went for three years without health insurance.

Steele even confessed on the stump that this led him to tell his kids to take extra care with their health, according to an October 2006 WaPo article:

He told an audience in a recent speech that his family went without health insurance for three years.

“Don’t break anything, because Daddy can’t afford to fix it,” he recalled telling his sons then.

Actually, the GOP health care plan is more along the lines of “Don’t break anything, because we don’t want to pay to fix it.” Of course, that’s a poor way to treat your citizens and a poor way to run a health care system.

And we can afford health care reform, and we should invest in it–covering the uninsured and improving everyone’s overall quality of care is certainly worth the money. I mean, we paid for Bush’s $1.35 trillion tax cuts for the wealthy and the $2-3 trillion Iraq War, so why shouldn’t we pay for health care reform that will benefit tens of millions of Americans?

Of course, if the GOP had their priorities right then they wouldn’t be the minority, now would they?