GOP To Palin: Drop Dead

QUITMore dispatches from the Palindrome:

Republicans facing tough elections in 2010 don’t want Sarah Palin campaigning with them.

Though the soon-to-be-former Alaska governor is seen as popular with the conservative grass roots, several Republicans said she’d help them by staying home in Wasilla.

Several of these Republicans hail from districts or states carried in 2008 by President Obama, a frequent target of Palin’s criticism. Republicans must keep these districts and win others where Obama is popular if they are to gain seats next year.


Several other lawmakers indicated a wariness about accepting help from Palin, but did not want to criticize the GOP’s vice presidential candidate from last year. They said Palin could hurt them by firing up Democrats.

An unnamed GOP lawmaker representing a district that Obama carried in 2008 told The Hill that if Palin came into his district, his opponent would “probably be doing a dance of joy.”

[Emphasis mine]

I guess a failed Governor/Vice Presidential candidate–known for her partisanship and divisiveness–isn’t such a hot commodity for a down-on-their-luck political party looking to claw their way back into the mainstream.

On the other hand, I’m glad to see some Republicans finally getting the message, because any Democrat/Independent in the country could have told that Sarah Palin was toxic months ago.