Everybody Loves A Quitter…

QUIT…in the GOP:

A new USA Today/Gallup poll has found that “Sarah Palin’s bombshell that she is resigning as Alaska governor actually has boosted her a bit among Republicans.” According to the poll, “two-thirds of Republicans want Palin…to be ‘a major national political figure‘ in the future


Seventy-two percent of Republicans surveyed said they are “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to vote for her if she runs for president

[Emphasis mine]

So, there you have it–if you stab your constituents in the back, leaving them high and dry in the middle of a financial crisis, and quit your job two-thirds of the way through, Republicans will love you.

But I just can’t see Palin winning higher office.  While her resignation will give her time to fly around giving speeches and raising money, it has all but destroyed her credibility–if she couldn’t even be trusted to serve out her one single term as Governor, how could she be trusted to fulfill any other promise or commitment she makes?

If Palin runs in 2012, her rivals are going to destroy her for having abandoned her responsibilities to her constituents. Beyond that, I don’t see how she could have a shot at the Presidency without holding another elected office–31 months as Governor of Alaska (several of those which she spent campaigning for the Vice Presidency) is not anywhere near enough experience for anyone to get close to the White House.

The GOP may love Sarah Palin, but the GOP isn’t the majority anymore, and Palin’s disappearing act destroyed any semblance of credibility or appearance of competence she may have had among Democrats and Independents.  Nobody can predict the future, of course, but it looks to me that Sarah Palin’s career as an elected official is over.

And it speaks volumes about the GOP that being irresponsible makes you more popular among Republicans.