BREAKING: Sarah Palin To Resign (UPDATED)

Alaska Governor (and 2008 GOP VP candidate) Sarah Palin announced that she will resign the Governorship of Alaska later this month, transferring power to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell


UPDATE: Palin has confirmed that she will resign the Governorship on July 26th.

Personally, I can think of only two reasons for her abrupt resignation.  The first is that  Palin wants to focus on a candidacy for President.  But if that’s the case, then this is perhaps the worst move she can make, abandoning the people who elected her before her first term is even over.  It makes her look feckless and untrustworthy and ruthlessly ambitious; it certainly doesn’t make her look the least bit Presidential.

And even if Palin wants to run for President, her term ends in January, 2011–which would give her plenty of time to campaign if she simply chose to wait her first term out.  But abandoning her office like this is putting nails in her Presidential coffin.

Or, it could be the case that there’s a major scandal coming down the pipeline that is likely to sink Palin’s political career and she’s trying to head it off at the pass–I mean, if she already resigned then there can’t be any pressure on her to resign, regardless of how bad her scandal is.

We don’t know for sure why Palin stepped down the way she did (though there are rumors) but it’s likely her resignation signals the end of her political career.  Considering that Sarah Palin was a virtual unknown just one year go, it looks like she may have been the steepest rise and fastest fall of anyone in modern political history.