Souter Out (UPDATED)

After nearly twenty years on the nation’s highest court, Supreme Court Associate Justice David Souter is retiring according to numerous news outlets. His retirement gives Barack Obama the first Supreme Court appointment of his Presidency.

The Democrats have a 59-member caucus in the Senate, making it very difficult for the GOP to try to block a SCOTUS appointment. If I were President Obama, I would nominate a young, staunch progressive to the bench- someone who will change the course of the court, not simply maintain its current ideological balance.

This is the first appointment of the Obama presidency, but it probably won’t be the last- both John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are rumored to be near retirement, too. I just hope that Obama makes a lasting–and progressive–mark on the court while he’s in office.

UPDATE: Expect this:

[Mike] Allen on GOP response to possible replacements for Souter: “[I]t doesn’t matter what name is out there, you’re going to hear that they’re a ‘liberal’ and ‘activist’ “