Voice Of Reason

Ladies and Gentlemen, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, quite possibly the only sane Republican left in America:

LaHood, one of the few Republican members of the Obama administration, scoffed at the recent talking points emanating from the congressional leaders of his own party. His voice rising at times with emotion, the transportation czar tackled first the notion that the president was a socialist in disguise.

“I don’t agree with it,” LaHood said. “If you go out and interview these people working on this road in Maryland… these people are thrilled. They are thrilled that they are working in March on a good paying job building roads, which is what they were trained to do. That’s going to be happening all over America. So the idea that this is socialism — it is not socialism, it is economic development. It is going to provide an economic engine around communities all over American for jobs; good paying jobs; and help people pay their bills. I don’t call that socialism…”

[Emphasis mine]

Of course, I’m sure Secretary LaHood knows as well I do that the Republicans don’t actually believe most of the things they say, but they have to try to score political points somehow, right?