‘It’s All Barack Obama’s Fault!’

Back during the ‘90’s, when our economy was growing like never before, Republicans attributed that economic growth to Reagan, not Clinton–according to them, the performance of the economy had nothing to do with the occupant of the White House at the time, even several years into his administration.

Similarly, when George Bush took office and a recession began soon after, Republicans claimed the bad economy had nothing to do with Bush—they claimed that he had “inherited” the “Clinton recession” (even though the recession began months after Bush took office). Again, conservatives claimed that the economy had nothing to do with the guy in the White House, even a substantial amount of time into his Presidency.

But now, in the Grand Old Hypocrite fashion, less than two months into his presidency, conservatives are saying that Barack Obama owns the economy. According to them, every economic problem is Obama’s, George Bush had nothing to do with it, and Obama’s failure to fix in 8 weeks days what the Republicans took 8 years to destroy proves that Obama is a poor president.

(Hell, some conservatives are even looking at the decline of the economy since Election Day, as if Barack Obama was responsible for how the economy performed months before he even took office.)

I just don’t get how some on the right can be so shameless. To assert—contrary to reality itself—that good economies are always created by Republicans and bad economies are always created by Democrats, regardless of who is in the White House or what policies they have implemented, just doesn’t make any sense. Conservatives have elevated blame-shifting and buck-passing to an art form in their latest machinations to avoid taking blame for the ruinous economy they created.