The Era Of Big Government…

…is still popular.

After passing the conservative-dubbed spendulus/porkulus/Generational Theft Act of 2009, Congress is…the most popular it’s been in more than 4 years:

Americans’ job approval rating of Congress is up an additional 8 points this month, after a 12-point increase last month, and now stands at 39% — the most positive assessment of Congress since February 2005.

[Emphasis mine]


Congress’ popularity is up among all groups, but mostly among Democrats and Independents:


So, what does this tell us? First, conservatives are far outside the mainstream–they spent weeks maligning the economic stimulus package, only to see Congress’ approval ratings shoot up after it was passed.

Second, despite all the right-wing gibbering about socialism or deficits or whatever their latest talking point is, the American people clearly want to see their government doing something about the economic crisis.  Part of the reason why Congress was so unpopular between 2007 and early 2009 was because, with a Republican President, very little got done.  Now that Bush is gone, Congress and the President are finally getting to work solving some of our nation’s most pressing problems, and clearly the American people appreciate that.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Congress; taking action and being effective is the best way to refute garbage right-wing talking points.


What’s Good For The Goose…

The Dow Jones grew nearly 6% today, gaining 379.44 points to close at 6,296.49.

According to Republican logic, President Obama is singlehandedly responsible for today’s rally.  Thanks, President Obama!

…yes, it’s rediculous, but I didn’t write these rules–if conservatives are going to hold the President responsible for every dip in the stock market, they have to then give him credit for every increase.  Personally, I’m going to attribute today’s rally to the introduction of the Employee Free Choice Act into Congress.

Voice Of Reason

Ladies and Gentlemen, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, quite possibly the only sane Republican left in America:

LaHood, one of the few Republican members of the Obama administration, scoffed at the recent talking points emanating from the congressional leaders of his own party. His voice rising at times with emotion, the transportation czar tackled first the notion that the president was a socialist in disguise.

“I don’t agree with it,” LaHood said. “If you go out and interview these people working on this road in Maryland… these people are thrilled. They are thrilled that they are working in March on a good paying job building roads, which is what they were trained to do. That’s going to be happening all over America. So the idea that this is socialism — it is not socialism, it is economic development. It is going to provide an economic engine around communities all over American for jobs; good paying jobs; and help people pay their bills. I don’t call that socialism…”

[Emphasis mine]

Of course, I’m sure Secretary LaHood knows as well I do that the Republicans don’t actually believe most of the things they say, but they have to try to score political points somehow, right?

Freudian Slip

Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry lets slip the GOP’s real goal:

“We will lose on legislation. But we will win the message war every day, and every week, until November 2010…our goal is to bring down approval numbers for Pelosi and for House Democrats. That will take repetition. This is a marathon, not a sprint.”

That’s right–the Republican Party’s priority isn’t fixing the economic crisis.  It’s not creating jobs or growing the economy.  It’s not getting our troops safely out of Iraq or helping them to succeed in Afghanistan.  It’s not reforming our health care system or ensuring that Social Security and Medicare remain strong.  It’s not helping hard working families keep their homes or afford to send their kids to college.

No, the Republican Party’s #1 priority is hurting the Democrats’ approval ratings; their only goal is regaining political power.

This is why the GOP is–and should remain–in the minority.  They’ve become so obsessed with politicking that they don’t remember what they were elected to do in the first place; they can’t look at anything outside of whether or not it’s politically advantageous to them.  While the adults work to clean up the messes the Republicans made, all the Republicans can think about is how they can start making more messes.

Every Democrat in the country should have Rep. McHenry’s words memorized–the American people need to be constantly reminded of just how frivolous and unserious the Republican Party has become.

‘It’s All Barack Obama’s Fault!’

Back during the ‘90’s, when our economy was growing like never before, Republicans attributed that economic growth to Reagan, not Clinton–according to them, the performance of the economy had nothing to do with the occupant of the White House at the time, even several years into his administration.

Similarly, when George Bush took office and a recession began soon after, Republicans claimed the bad economy had nothing to do with Bush—they claimed that he had “inherited” the “Clinton recession” (even though the recession began months after Bush took office). Again, conservatives claimed that the economy had nothing to do with the guy in the White House, even a substantial amount of time into his Presidency.

But now, in the Grand Old Hypocrite fashion, less than two months into his presidency, conservatives are saying that Barack Obama owns the economy. According to them, every economic problem is Obama’s, George Bush had nothing to do with it, and Obama’s failure to fix in 8 weeks days what the Republicans took 8 years to destroy proves that Obama is a poor president.

(Hell, some conservatives are even looking at the decline of the economy since Election Day, as if Barack Obama was responsible for how the economy performed months before he even took office.)

I just don’t get how some on the right can be so shameless. To assert—contrary to reality itself—that good economies are always created by Republicans and bad economies are always created by Democrats, regardless of who is in the White House or what policies they have implemented, just doesn’t make any sense. Conservatives have elevated blame-shifting and buck-passing to an art form in their latest machinations to avoid taking blame for the ruinous economy they created.