Bobby Jindal Tells A Lie

It figures that the only way Republicans could use Hurricane Katrina to make themselves look good is by lying:

Looks like the game is up.

Remember that story Bobby Jindal told in his big speech Tuesday night — about how during Katrina, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with a local sheriff who was battling government red tape to try to rescue stranded victims?

Turns out it wasn’t actually, you know, true.


[A] Jindal spokeswoman has admitted to Politico that in reality, Jindal overheard Lee talking about the episode to someone else by phone “days later.” The spokeswoman said she thought Lee, who died in 2007, was being interviewed about the incident at the time.

This is no minor difference. Jindal’s presence in Lee’s office during the crisis itself was a key element of the story’s intended appeal, putting him at the center of the action during the maelstrom. Just as important, Jindal implied that his support for the sheriff helped ensure the rescue went ahead. But it turns out Jindal wasn’t there at the key moment, and played no role in making the rescue happen.


The central anecdote of the GOP’s prime-time response to President Obama’s speech, intended to illustrate the threat of excessive government regulation, turns out to have been made up.

And Jindal couldn’t even admit his falsehood himself–he had a spokesperson do it for him.

First Bobby Jindal gives one of the worst speeches in modern political history, then it turns out that one of the central anecdotes in his speech–meant to illustrate his entire point about the role of government–was a lie.

Like I said right after Jindal’s speech, never have I seen a rising star fall so fast.  I wonder if this is one-two punch will dog Jindal’s chances if he decides to run in 2012; blatant lying doesn’t tend to sit well with the American people.



  1. Fred · February 27, 2009

    Blatant lying is not any kind of hindrance to Republican candidate,be it for President or Dog Catcher,because Republican voters have been so indoctrinated.They will believe anything a winger politico or pundit says,in the face of all evidence to the contrary,because,like the members of any other cult,they have been convinced the cult’s “enemies”,in this case the “Liberal Media” and the “Socialists” are out to destroy the American Way of Life,and all the winger faithful along the way.

    If Jindal runs in 2012,they will be trotting out
    the sheriff’s widow,so she can tell how good ol’ Bobby was there all along,building levees and rescuing the doomed,no matter what the libruls say.

  2. Frank · February 28, 2009

    Wow. Quite an insult to the American people, lying and thinking no one will check up on it. Did he have the balls to apologize in person or did he leave it to his minion?

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