Rich Guy Populism Not Very Popular

So, it turns out that the American people trust politicians more than businessmen when it comes to handling the economy:

53 percent of those questioned said they have confidence in Republicans in Congress making the right calls regarding the economy. About 66 percent said they have confidence Democrats, who control Congress, will make the right economic decisions. And 75 percent said they think President Barack Obama will make the right moves when it comes dealing with the recession.


But Wall Street investors? Bankers and financial executives? Auto company executives? No more than 30 percent have confidence in them.

[Emphasis mine]

And then there’s this:

Washington Post-ABC News

On another economic issue, would you support or oppose the federal government using 75 billion dollars to provide refinancing assistance to homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure on their mortgages?

[2/22]  64% SUPPORT / 35% OPPOSE

So the American people trust politicians more than business leaders and they support the President’s plan to provide assistance to American families facing foreclosure and eviction?

But Politico told me that America was a nation of Rick Santellis! You mean most Americans aren’t wealthy stock traders who prefer that the federal government spend billions to prop up banks and Wall Street instead of helping working Americans avoid eviction?

I guess the American people actually want their government to fix this economic crisis instead of, say, dumping shrink-wrapped pallets of cash at the New York Stock Exchange.  So can we all stop pretending that Rick Santelli and his Brooks Brothers Mob speak for anyone but the wealthy and well-connected and go back to figuring out how we’re going to save America from further conservative economic ruination?