Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

If Republican oppose the stimulus package so much, then I think they should put their money where their mouth is by refusing to accept any stimulus funds for their state:

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate, has suggested his state may not be interested in all of the roughly $4 billion allotted to it in the economic stimulus package to be signed by President Obama today.

“We’ll have to review each program, each new dollar to make sure that we understand what are the conditions, what are the strings and see whether it’s beneficial for Louisiana to use those dollars,” Jindal said

Every Republican Congressman and Senator–save three–should be telling their state’s Governors not to accept any federal funds from the stimulus.  None.  If they don’t want the money–and the jobs and economic recovery they will bring–then they shouldn’t accept them.

In fact, only one or two states would need to do this.  Then we could compare those states to the states that accepted funding and see where their economies end up a few years out from now. Sure, there’s a chance they’ll be alright–but with so many states facing budget shortfalls and cuts in vital services and infrastructure, I highly doubt it.  I bet that any states refusing stimulus funds will be worse off economically than any states that does accept funding.

Of course, this is all moot.  Most Republican Governors–in defiance of their doctrinaire national party–know that the stimulus is vital to their states and will accept the money; I doubt even Bobby Jindal can keep his hands off of everything.  And thus cements the hypocrisy of the GOP–they’ll rail against the stimulus while it’s being considered, but gladly come hat-in-hand once the funds are approved and ready to go.