Tech Revolution Facepalm

So it looks like the much-vaunted GOP tech revolution is off to a rocky start.

First, Rep. Pete Hoekstra violated national security by Twittering the details of a top-secret Congressional trip to Iraq, including a play-by-play of the group’s whereabouts and activities.

And then there was this. Background: Democrats took control of the Virginia Senate in 2007 with a 21-19 majority. Since VA’s Lieutenant Governor is Republican, a 20-20 split in the Senate would hand the chamber over to the Republicans.

Recently, a Senate Democrat made a deal to vote with the Republicans and give them control of the chamber. And, well…

Senator Ralph Northam [D] had agreed with Minority Leader Tommy Norment [R] to vote to give Republicans power sharing in the Virginia Senate today.

Before it was announced on the floor and finalized, [Republican Party of Virginia] Chairman Jeff Frederick [R] tweeted about it.

Majority Leader Dick Saslaw [D] adjourned before it could happen.

The Democrats got into a room and pounded into Northam what would happen if he did this.

Northam backed down. (Now everyone hates him, idiot).


So the GOP’s fumbling with technology already cost them national security credentials and control over the Virginia state Senate.  Perhaps it would be better if they didn’t learn those technologies all the cool kids are using these days…