BREAKING: Stimulus Package Passes House (UPDATED)

GOP to America: Drop Dead

The economic stimulus package just passed through the House of Representatives, once again without a single Republican vote.

The final tally was 246 to 183. Despite all the changes made to make to the final version of this bill, it gained only 2 “yes” votes and lost only 5 “no” votes compared to the last version.

And for every day that the GOP stalled and deliberated and dragged their feet, America lost 20,000 jobs. How many hundreds of thousands of jobs did America lose while the GOP strung us along, letting us believe that they could be won over?

What was the point of all this negotiation? Why did President Obama and the Democrats bend over backwards to make concession after concession? The Democrats busted their backs to be bipartisan just to have sand kicked in their faces by the GOP. I’m all for bipartisanship, but when one side refuses to participate then bipartisanship is impossible.

Today, the GOP signaled that they could care less about the state of our economy, and that anyone who does care about the economy doesn’t belong in the GOP. Between this insult and the Judd Gregg flap, President Obama and the Democrats should no longer be expected to seek bipartisanship. Until the Republicans prove to us that they’re once again a serious political party, they should be relegated to the sidelines of our politics and included as little as possible. I hate to say that–I support a strong two-party system with checks and balances–but right now the costs are too high (and the rewards are too little) to make maintaining that system worthwhile.

UPDATE: And let’s not forget how out of touch the GOP is–every single one of them opposed this bill, while the American people support it:


[2/11] 59% FAVOR / 33% OPPOSE


[2/8] 51% GOOD IDEA / 34% BAD IDEA


[2/8] 54% FAVOR / 45% OPPOSE


[2/5] 52% FAVOR / 38% OPPOSE


[2/4] 51% APPROVE / 39% DISAPPROVE


[1/28] 52% FAVOR / 37% OPPOSE


[1/24] 54% SUPPORT / 34% OPPOSE