Centrism: Bad For America

At least 600,000 jobs.

That’s what the centrist “compromise” on the economic stimulus package will cost America–at least 600,000 jobs.

In order for them to vote on the stimulus package, so-called moderates in the Senate demanded we cut 600,000 jobs from the bill in order to make it conform to an arbitrary price tag.

To compare, we lost that many jobs in all of January–jobs we now won’t be able to replace for two years. I’m sure there are 600,000 unemployed Americans in the states represented by those Senators who forced this compromise; I wish those Senators had to go and explain to their share of that group why their jobs had to be put on the chopping block. I’d love to see that level of accountability in our government.

Look, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill recession; there’s a reason such a large stimulus package is being considered.  Namely, it’s this:


The blue line is the 1990 recession.  The red line is the 2001 recession.  The green line is our current recession.

This is unlike anything our nation has experienced in a long, long time.  Slapping arbitrary ceilings on job creation legislation–when we’re hemorrhaging 20,000 jobs a day–isn’t moderate or sensible; it’s stupid and reckless.  It’s pointless politicking in the guise of sensibility. And because we had to kowtow to centrism, our country now has 600,000 more unemployed people to cope with.

Centrism is bad for the economy. Centrism is bad for America.  And if you don’t believe me, there are 600,000 Americans who would like to have a word with you.