America To GOP: Obama Is Right, Obstructionism Is Wrong, Pass The Stimulus!

A new Gallup poll shatters the Republican talking point that the economic stimulus package is unpopular and that Obama has hurt himself by supporting it:



So two-thirds of the American people approve of how Obama is handling the stimulus package, while nearly 60% disapprove of how the GOP has handled it. Who would have thought that working to get something done is more popular than obstructionism?

A full 80% of the American people believe the stimulus package is important, with 51% saying it’s critically important; that aligns with a February 4th CBS News Poll showing the stimulus package with 51% approval and 39% disapproval, as well as a February 4th USA Today/Gallup poll showing that 52% favor it and 38% oppose it.

Pollster has Obama’s job approval at 61.7% and disapproval at 25.5%; they show his favorability at 69.1% and his unfavorability at just 24%.

The American people support the economic stimulus package, they support President Obama, but they vehemently oppose the right’s culture of obstruction.