The 2% Doctrine

America lost 522,000 jobs in January alone.  Unemployment is on the rise in 98% of American cities. America needs jobs and it needs them now.

Unfortunately, the Republicans are pledging to defeat the Democratic job creation bill because they disagree with just 2% of it.

Call it the 2% doctrine–if the GOP dislikes as little as 2% of a piece of legislation, no matter how vital it is to our country, they’ll oppose it.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research has a handy graphic showing just how little of the stimulus package the GOP dislikes:


That’s right–irresponsible Republicans are willing to kill this bill over that tiny little slice.  This isn’t about Republicans wanting to reign in spending or save money–this is about them wanting to kill a major piece of legislation to score a political victory.

The Republican’s 2% doctrine is completely unreasonable, yet it could very well cost America millions of jobs.  The question is, are we going to step aside and let the Republicans succeed?