The Roadblock Republicans have put together a list of programs in the job creation bill that they have deemed “wasteful.” While some of the programs on their list are somewhat questionable, a lot of them are undeniably stimulative, raising the question of what their definition of “wasteful” entails.

More importantly, though, the Senate version of the job creation bill costs $888 billion.  The total amount of “wasteful” spending the GOP highlighted? $19.14 billion.  That means the GOP is complaining about a little more than 2% of the spending in the bill.

So, if Democrats cut 2% out of the bill will the Republicans support it? Or are they just cherry picking bits and pieces out of a broad piece of legislation in order to unfairly cast the whole thing in an unsuitable light? And will the GOP really kill millions of potential jobs over just 2% of the price tag? Are they really so married to obstructionism that they’re going to use the 2% of this bill they don’t like as a rationalization for killing it?