‘Who’s In Charge Of The What Now?’

So, who said the following and which to political party he/she is referring to?

And for those [politicians] and others who just want to put up roadblocks and do the crazy typical play that they normally do — the name-calling, the obfuscation, and the sleight-of-hand — I don’t have time for it. Because there are important issues we have to face on the economy, the war, and issues that affect the poor, and I want to have this party in a position to move on those issues.

[Emphasis added]

That’s newly-minted RNC Chairman Michael Steele talking about the Democratic Party.

Alright, so maybe Steele is a bit rusty; he hasn’t run for public office since the GOP was in the majority. Maybe he just doesn’t know that the Democrats are the majority and that the Republicans are the folks putting up roadblocks and obfuscating and performing legislative sleights-of-hand. For the love of the GOP, can someone get this guy some updated talking points already? He’s got a party to run!

Then again, considering Steele spent his failed Senate bid pretending to be a Democrat, maybe he just forgot which party is which. Hopefully some of those nice folks over at RNC headquarters can help him sort it out in the coming weeks.