Michael Steele (?-MD)

Remember how newly-minted RNC Chair Michael Steele spent his failed 2006 Senate campaign pretending to be a Democrat?

Case in point:


And remember how the Steele campaign passed out a bunch of “Democratic Sample Ballots” with his name (and the name of Governor Rod Erlich, who Steele served under as Lieutenant Governor) on them instead of the actual Democratic candidates?


And how the Steele campaign hired a bunch of homeless people from out of state to hand them out:

Inaccurate sample ballots describing Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Senate candidate Michael S. Steele as Democrats were handed out to voters in at least four polling sites in Prince George’s County this morning.

The ballots were handed out by people who said they arrived by buses this morning from Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Erik Markle, one of the people handing out literature for Ehrlich, who is seeking reelection, and Steele, the current lieutenant governor who is campaigning to replace retiring Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D), said he was recruited at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia.

If you’re a Republican, you should probably be disturbed that the new chairman of your party spent his last campaign pretending to be a Democrat. If you’re anyone else, you should probably be disturbed that the Republican Party’s new chairman has a history of being completely dishonest and underhanded.