Blago To Be Removed From Office Today?

IL Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn is getting prepared for the Illinois Senate to remove Rod Blagojevich from office, a vote on which could occur as early as today.

Quinn has traveled to the state capitol and, even though Blagojevich’s staff was initially reluctant to facilitate any sort of transition, he is now meeting with some of Blagojevich’s advisers, including budget director Ginger Ostro.

Quinn has already outlined a set of priorities for when he takes office:

*Integrity: Quinn said he will work to restore the faith of Illinois citizens in their government.

*State budget: Quinn has begun huddling with the state budget director and has asked state legislative leaders to move back the scheduled budget address from Feb. 18 to March 18 so he can assess the state’s finances.

*The broader economic picture: Quinn plans to meet with the state’s Washington delegation to make sure Illinois is getting a fair share of the federal economic stimulus package.

*Campaign finance: Quinn’s reform commission, headed by former federal prosecutor Patrick Collins, is expected to make proposals for new state ethics and campaign finance laws that Quinn hopes to get approved by the Legislature this spring.

Even if he is removed from office, though, Blagojevich won’t go away–I’m sure he’ll continue trying to clear his name long after this story is dead and buried and his place in the pantheon of horribly-corrupt politicians is secured.