Going Long On Going Green

President Obama is set to completely upend some Bush-era environmental regulations:

President Obama on Monday will direct federal regulators to move swiftly to grant California and 13 other states the right to set strict automobile emissions and fuel efficiency standards, two administration officials said Sunday evening.

The directive makes good on an Obama campaign pledge and marks a sharp reversal from Bush administration policy. Granting California and the other states the right to regulate tailpipe emissions is one of the most dramatic actions Mr. Obama can take to quickly put his stamp on environmental policy.


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  1. TexasCowboy · January 26, 2009

    I am all for Obama’s proactive initiative addressing increasing mileage standards. This should have been done years ago. If the auto industry had a brain at all they would have taken this on, but wait…. they are all about greed. I think they must all be Republicans..

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