Here’s a former Bush administration official discussing President Obama’s first few days in office:

The CIA program [Obama] is effectively shutting down is the reason why America has not been attacked again after 9/11. He has removed the tool that is singularly responsible for stopping al-Qaeda from flying planes into the Library Tower in Los Angeles, Heathrow Airport, and London’s Canary Warf, and blowing up apartment buildings in Chicago, among other plots. It’s not even the end of inauguration week, and Obama is already proving to be the most dangerous man ever to occupy the Oval Office.

[Emphasis added]

Those are some pretty strong accusations.  I wonder, who is this person? What kind of expertise do they have to know that the CIA interrogation program singlehandedly prevented terrorist attacks? Or to be able to say definitively that Obama is the “most dangerous” president we’ve ever had? Is he CIA? DOD? State Department? Military?

Nope.  That’s from former Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen, who gives no evidence at all to support his argument (like there is any).

In case any of us ever feel the urge to temper our opinion of the Bush adminsitration or to think that things maybe weren’t as bad as we remembered, just keep in mind the kind of far-right hacks that George Bush and the Republican Party spent 8 years elevating to the highest reaches of government. George Bush fully deserves his place as one of the worst presidents in American history, and the Republican Party deserves a ton of blame for propping him up for so long.