When the 2008 election was looming in the distance–and there was a Republican in the White House–Congressional Republicans voted to hand $700 billion over to the White House for a Wall Street bailout.

But now that the election is over–and now that there will be a Democrat in the White House–suddenly Congressional Republicans don’t like the bailout and want to block disbursement of the remaining funds.

Has the GOP fallen so far they’re only willing to be responsible when an impending election forces them to be? Or are they only willing to shovel huge amounts of money over to a Republican president? And isn’t it hypocritical for Republicans to demand oversight and accountability for the incoming Democratic administration when it was the outgoing Republican administration who squandered the money?

And–more to the point–is the Republican Party ever going to grow up and be responsible, or are they content to play political calvinball as their minority shrinks election after election?