The End Of The Whole Mess

Ending a rediculous Capitol Hill soap opera, Roland Burris will be seated in the United States Senate on Thursday:

The Secretary of the Senate has determined that the new credentials presented today on behalf of Mr. Burris now satisfy Senate Rules and validate his appointment to the vacant Illinois Senate seat. In addition, as we requested, Mr. Burris has provided sworn testimony before the Illinois House Committee on Impeachment regarding the circumstances of his appointment.

“We have spoken to Mr. Burris to let him know that he is now the Senator-designate from Illinois and as such, will be accorded all the rights and privileges of a Senator-elect.

That was a joint statement from Majority Leader Reid and Majority Whip Durbin.

At first, I was vehemently opposed to seating anyone appointed by Rod Blagojevich.  But, as time went on, it became apparent that Senate Democrats had no legal way to block Burris from entering the Senate and that they were just stalling for time.  Let’s face it, the Jesse White gambit was dubiously legal and was pretty much doomed from the start.

I’m glad Harry Reid & co. finally relented, if for no other reason than to make the Burris sideshow go away;  with all they have on their plate, Senate Democrats couldn’t really afford to keep being distracted by this nonsense.

Plus, once Burris takes his seat there will be 58 Democrats in the Senate, making it that much easier to pass legislation.  To that extent, I’m looking forward to seeing Senator Burris taking the oath of office.