John McCain Is Right!

I never thought I’d say it, but the man has a point:

Sen. John McCain, who once referred to Barack Obama as a “young man with very little experience,” Friday urged his Republican colleagues to work with the president-elect to pass a massive stimulus package and revive the U.S. economy.

Unusual action is required in these most unusual times. The question is will we do it right,” McCain told Fox News


McCain called Obama’s new national security team “excellent,” and said he has spoken to Obama multiple times since Election Night. He said he was “feeling fine” after his defeat, and that he believes the Republican Party will eventually recover.

[Emphasis mine]

I understand that both parties have to put up a certain minimum amount of partisan bluster in order to keep up appearances–that’s how Washington goes.  But we have some significant challenges ahead of us, and the American people are looking to the government for solutions.

In their weakened state, the GOP can’t afford to block economic recovery for the sake of partisan gain–the more they obstruct Obama’s economic recovery proposals just for the sake of spiting Democrats, the worse off they’re going to be.

I agree with McCain that the GOP will, eventually, make a recovery.  But how long it takes them to dust themselves off and get back in the ring–whether it’s a few years or a few decades–is entirely up to them.  If they continue down the road they’re on, if stand in the way of economic recovery and political progress, Republicans will relegate themselves to the minority for a long, long time.

Republicans, listen to your Presidential candidate–buck the far right wing of your party and do what’s best for your country.  Radical conservatives have been dragging you down for years; now is the time to declare your independence and take your party back.  In the end,by doing what’s right for America, you’ll also be doing a favor for your party; by standing with the President and working to solve our economic crisis, you’ll show the American people that you can be trusted with their government after all.

So now the ball’s in your court–will you be the party of Lincoln or the party of Hoover?