The Minnesota recount is officially over.  The last absentee ballots were counted today.  And, in the end, Democrat Al Franken leads Republican Norm Coleman by 225 votes.

While Coleman will take the results of the recount to court, it will be nearly impossible for him to erase Franken’s margin of victory.  Barring an unexpected judicial upset, Al Franken will be the next Senator from Minnesota; his victory will be certified after Coleman gets his day in court.

And since Congressional inaugurations were today, Norm Coleman is no longer a United States Senator.  The GOP is refusing to let Franken be seated on a provisional basis until the courts have their say, which is fine.  But then Harry Reid shouldn’t allow Coleman to enjoy any more privileges than any other ex-Senator enjoys.

Senator Al Franken (D-MN).  I wonder what Bill O’Reilly thinks about that.