(Still) Mr. Popularity

Barack Obama is still flying high:

Gallup Poll Daily tracking finds support for Barack Obama among liberal Democrats holding steady at 93% despite news reports that his core supporters are disappointed with some of his cabinet appointments and other decisions. Meanwhile, in recent weeks, Obama’s ratings have improved among conservative Republicans, up from 23% to 29%.


Now, a slim majority of moderate and liberal Republicans, 51%, say they are confident Obama will be a good president, up from 44% in November.

[Emphasis mine]

And part of Obama’s gains are due to declining Republican confidence in their own party:

The GOP’s in a bad place right now.  They’re mostly leaderless, and there is a lot of flailing about for new ideas, many of which are gimmicky or unoriginal or just plain out of touch.  I expect that some GOP confidence will return when the Republican Party finds some kind of solid footing again–whenever that will be.

The real challenge for Obama will be to maintain these high ratings once he has to take responsibility for governing the nation and when, eventually, the GOP starts to find their bearings.

(h/t Daily Kos)