Swing And A Miss

Big John Cornyn’s just started as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and he kicked off his new office by attacking Al Franken over the Minnesota recount.  But it looks like he tripped over a big pile of fail on the way to whatever point he was trying to make.

Let’s parse:

Al Franken is falsely declaring victory

Actually, the Franken campaign is expressing confidence that they will win, not saying they’ve already won. It’s a narrow distinction, but if Cornyn is going to hit Franken over it then he should at least get his facts straight.

based on an artificial lead created on the back of the double counting of ballots.

Actually, when Coleman sued over the alleged duplicate ballots, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled he didn’t have enough evidence to prove that even a single ballot was counted twice. But good try there.

His campaign’s actions in the last several days on the issues of rejected absentee ballots are creating additional chaos and disorder in the Minnesota recount.

Actually, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that there were about 1,300 improperly-rejected absentee ballots that should be counted, and they ordered the Franken and Coleman camps to work together to determine which of those votes should be added to the recount.  Franken is the one saying all of those votes should be counted since they were improperly-rejected; it’s the Coleman campaign who has creatied chaos and disorder by insisting that only 136 of those ballots be counted.

Those actions, coupled with the recent comments by Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who suggests seating someone even if there is an election contest, are unprecedented.

Actually, like TPM points out:

Cornyn alleges that it is “unprecedented” to seat someone while an election is still being disputed. As recently as 2007, Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) was seated without prejudice by the majority-Democratic House while his election was being contested, and in 1997 the majority-Republican Senate provisionally seated Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) after her GOP opponent alleged irregularities in her very narrow win.

Moving on:

Minnesotans will not accept a recount in which some votes are counted twice

First, see point #2 above.  Second, I don’t really think the junior Senator from Texas knows much about what the people of  Minnesota will or will not accept.

and I expect the Senate would have a problem seating a candidate who has not duly won an election.

What’s the definition of someone who duly wins an election? You duly win an election by  getting the most votes. As it stands, Al Franken has the most votes.  And while Norm Coleman may go to court and try to sue his way back into office, right now Al Franken has duly won the Minnesota election.

Thus, the United States Senate should seat Senator Franken, and ignore the moronic fauxtrage coming from people like John Cornyn.