Panic! At The Recount

[No, I will not apologize for my terrible headline.]

The Minnesota GOP is panicking because Al Franken appears to be the winner of the Minnesota recount.

They’re so panicked they’ve sent out a hilarious press release begging for money. Let’s look:

As you may know, the precinct recount phase of the Minnesota Senate race was won by Sen. Norm Coleman on Election Day.

Yes, and? Norm Coleman’s margin of victory was so slim it triggered an automatic recount. Automatic recounts exist because there are often errors in counting votes on election night.  Usually there aren’t enough errors to change the outcome of an election, since candidates tend to win by pretty wide margins. But that wasn’t the case in this election, hence the recount.

The point of a recount is to discover and resolve those errors in order to ensure that the person who’s declared the winner of the election was the person who actually got the most votes. That raises the question, then, of why the MNGOP doesn’t want to make sure that every vote is counted correctly.

Moving on:

But Al Franken still won’t concede. Instead, Franken raised millions of dollars from liberals in New York and Hollywood to fight a “legal” battle to undo the will of the voters.

First, the margin of victory was so slim that it triggered an automatic recount, as required by Minnesota law. In other words, even if Franken had given up on election night, there still would have been a recount, because election officials want to be sure that the person who takes office really did win the most votes. They’re picky like that.

Second, considering Norm Coleman’s ongoing scandals, I don’t think the MNGOP is in any position to attack anyone else’s’ fundraising sources.

[Franken] even got the Minnesota Supreme Court to order canvassing boards to consider about 1600 previously rejected and questionable ballots.

Out of the 7 Justices on the MN Supreme Court, 4 were appointed by Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty: Chief Justice Eric Magnuson, G. Barry Anderson, Lorie Skjerven Gildea and Christopher Dietzen. One Justice was appointed by Independent Governor Jesse Ventura: Helen M. Meyer.

This means the MN Supreme Court has a 5-2 non-Democratic majority. So how in the world would Franken “get” the court to do anything considering that he’s a partisan candidate for political office? It’s not like we have a Democratic candidate in cahoots with a Democratic court.

Perhaps the MN Supreme Court ruled in Franken’s favor because his case had legal merit. Imagine that.

Then again, I guess the MNGOP wouldn’t raise any money at all if they had to admit that they couldn’t litigate their way out of a paper bag.

Now, Republican Norm Coleman has until December 31st to fight against Franken’s liberal legal team to keep his Senate seat.

First, it’s not his Senate seat; it belongs to the people of Minnesota. If Coleman won the most votes, then it’s his seat. But he’s not entitled to it unless he’s determined to be the winner of the election, which is what this whole recount business is supposed to sort out.

Second, the letter opens by accusing Franken and his “liberal allies” of “working feverishingly [sic] to steal the Minnesota Senate election.” But the MNGOP does on to beg for money so that Norm Coleman can fight the results of the recount in court.

Guess what? If the state determines that the your opponent won the most votes and you challenge their decision in court, It’s not the other guy “stealing” the election. It’s you.

How rediculous is it that the MNGOP is accusing the guy who won the most votes of “stealing” the election, while portraying the guy using the courts to swing the election in his favor as fighting the good fight?

Perhaps they should follow the same advice they–idiotically–gave Al Franken on election night and just give up already. If anything, it would at least save them some embarrassment.