Kennedy Takes A Stand

In her quest to become the next Senator from New York, Caroline Kennedy has responded to a questionnaire from Politico which has outlined some of her positions on major issues.

Some of Kennedy’s stands include:

  • Caroline supports full equality and marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.
  • Caroline opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. She supports President-Elect Obama’s plan to work with our military leaders to begin a responsible withdrawal.
  • Caroline supports the auto industry bailout package passed by the House of Representatives earlier this month and welcomes the president’s actions yesterday to use TARP funds.
  • Caroline Kennedy strongly supports a safe and secure Israel. She believe Israel’s security decisions should be left to Israel.

I’m glad to see that Kennedy is actually campaigning for the seat instead of just relying on her famous name and closed-door meetings with political elites.

The backlash against Kennedy developed, in essence, because she has no political experience.  Thus, if she were appointed it would appear that more qualified and more experienced candidates were skipped over in favor of someone from a famous political family.

If Kennedy actually started behaving like a politician–giving speeches, enumerating her positions and talking to the press–it could go a long way toward quelling the appearance that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and isn’t worthy of the appointment.